What should I do about my raw paw pad?

First, I want to say hi to everyone! I have been so busy these last few weeks I have hardly been able to visit all my pup pals!

But last week I took Abby and Alex to the groomer. We have took them there since day one and couldn't be more satisfied.
The thing is, Abby has always had longer toenails. We trim them every two weeks, but since they are black, we never cut them very short, just the tips. Well, when I got her home from the groomers, she had trimmed her nails shorter than usual. One of the nails is rubbing the paw pad next to it. When I brought her in from going potty today, she came in and kept licking it! It had a very small amount of blood too. I called the vet and they said put her elizabeth collar on and put a little neosporin, if it isn't better in a few days, bring her in.
Has anyone else had experience with this?
And like I said, it just looks raw, there is no cut or anything like that, and it doesn't look infected or anything.

Thanks so much!

Asked by Member 497436 on Aug 7th 2008 in Other Health & Wellness
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There really is nothing more that you can do other than the things you are currently doing. Do NOT wrap it - you could actually cause it to get infected that way. The pad will need to dry out, and keeping Neosporin on it will help. You could also put a sock over her paw if she licks it too much - you don't necessarily NEED to use the E-collar, but if she gets to excessive with the licking, I would reccomend that. It is not odd that this happened to her. Pads are actually very sensitive, despite what we think. My dog loves to swim, and I always have to be careful he isn't out on the cool-deck for too long, otherwise his pads will peel. He will lick them for a day or so, and they will be fine. Try not to walk her too much so that the pad can heal while the nail grows. I would definitely advise your groomer to make sure that her nails do not get that short. They really only need to be short enough so that you don't hear them clicking on the ground.

Wallace answered on Aug 7th.

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Most of the time when you have minor pad injuries, such as "raw" pads or slightly torn pads, the best thing to do is nothing at all. As long as the pads are kept clean and are exposed to the air, they will heal by themselves.

You will want to make sure she does not lick at it too much, so if you have to use the collar to accomplish that, do that. Also, when you take her outside, you may want to protect the paw. You can simply pull a child's sock over her paw and "tape" the top with vet wrap (tape that sticks to itself and nothing else). That makes a good protective booty that will come off easily as soon as you get back inside.

I would not take her back to this groomer if they cut her nails that short. Can your vet do the nails? Do you have any local groomers that use a Dremel to do dogs' nails? That's a much gentler way of doing it.

Abby answered on 8/8/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer