What liability does a veterinarian have for not disclosing major side effects of a medication he prescribes? Informative

Response to Toto, CD, RN, CGC & Josie who answered this question from me. My wife is an RN for the past 30 yrs in a major medical center. It is absolutely required of her to go over every side effect of any medication given to a patient. The vet we used only gave us the tube of ointment, no literature on side effects was provided. Of course a vet should not be required to go over every side effect. However, when the side effect can potentially take a sense from the animal, it needs to be mentioned. This isn't vomiting or diarrea. Dechra Vet Products states that Animax given to senior dogs is more likely to cause deafness then younger dogs. (Our dog is 13) I would expect a vet in practice for 30 yrs to know this. Dog owners should have some level of trust in their veterinarian. It would be next to impossible for a dog owner to interpret all potential side effects in literature. That's why we pay a professional, (A lot of money these days) for thier medical services.

Asked by Member 1145209 on Dec 21st 2012 Tagged veterinarianliability in Laws & Legislation
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Kali earned her wings 10/21/14

I'm sorry your having issues. My vet over explains everything. That's why I like her. She always explains side effects. If your not happy with your vet, then I would switch to a different one. I went through three vets before I found one I like. Good luck!

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