What is the vaccination schedule for older dogs? My daughter didn't get them and they are over a year old.

Asked by Member 1097477 on Mar 5th 2012 in Vaccinations
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Dogster is an international site, the vaccinations you need and when they should be given depend on where you live.

You should call a local veterinarian and ask what the requirements are and what their recommended schedule is.

Where I live (in the United States, in a known rabies area), for adult dogs with an unknown vaccination history, it's common for them to get a rabies vaccine and a DHLPP (Distemper -Hepatitis -Leptospirosis -Parainfluenza -Parvovirus) booster. Some vets recommend these vaccines be updated yearly (or rabies every three years), some do not. Some will also offer the DHLPP vaccines separately, if you want to get them one at a time, or opt out of certain ones.
Dogs that are boarded at facilities with other dogs (ie., while you are on vacation) are sometimes also required by the facility to have a bordatella (kennel cough) vaccine. Some people don't do any vaccines, but we've had outbreaks of all of those in recent years, it's safer for my dog to have them.

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