What is the most humane long-term tie-out system? Disclaimer: I object to tethering. Details provided...

My in-laws live in a poor country. The attitudes towards dogs are drastically different than here. So, they have a 30 lbs dog that is tethered out in their walled-in garden. He has no shelter except for a large bush (it's a warm country, so it's only rain that concerns me) and he only has a 4ft lead, tied tightly around his neck. It's cruel. I FULLY OBJECT to this treatment. If I could turn him over to an animal shelter, I would. If I could take him back with me, I would. BUT. I can't have pets in my apartment, and this country has no shelters to speak of.

I will be visiting the in-laws in 1 week, and I want to do something to help him. Constraints are 1) MIL says he has to stay chained because he digs up the garden (how ridiculous...) and 2) my in-laws attitudes towards their dog won't really change (so behavior training isn't an option).

So, what can I do to improve his quality of life? Trolley system with harness? Retractable lead? Other?

Please help me help him!

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Trolley-Harness is a very good idea.
Possibly a Fence around the Garden, and he won't need a tether and TIGHT collar.
A piece of sheet metal or plastic, to give him a cover from the rain and sun.

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Contact these organization, they can help build a fence for him for free -

It doesn't matter if there's not an animal shelter near them, rescues will come as far as they can to pick up a dog in need! Try looking at rescues in other states, countries or cities near them and call all of them, whatever rescue wants to take the dog, will take the dog.

How the dog is living IS cruel. Try talking to them, ask them "How would you like to be chained up 24/7 with no shelter from the weather?", "If you REALLY love this dog, why are you chaining it and leaving it outside with no shelter?", "If you REALLY love this dog you would want him to be well taken care of and treated well", and questions like this, these questions will really get them thinking and they just may give the dog to a better home or take better care of the dog themselves.

Facts about dogs who are chained -

- Dogs who are chained are MORE likely to be aggressive, bite and attack than any other dog.
- Dogs who are chained become depressed.
- Dogs who are chained build up so much emotion, depression and energy inside them causing them to go crazy as in biting, attacking and being aggressive. A lot of dogs who are chained become so depressed they end up dying. I've seen so many cases like this before and it never goes well.
- Dogs who are chained can tangle themselves, choke themselves and hang themselves causing them to die. Chained dogs are a SERIOUS threat to other dogs and people, especially the dog who is chained.
- I can't tell you how many cases I've seen where the dog has been chained and the rescuers actually had to get bolt cutters to unchain the dog and cut the chain off of the dog's neck because the collar was so tight and/or embedded in the dogs neck.
- A chained dog is not getting proper exercise or any exercise. Chaining is NOT exercise, it's inhumane and cruel. I wouldn't chain my dog for exercise. A dog should be getting 1-2 long walks a day, daily socialization and training and lots of play time.
- In a lot of states it is illegal to chain your dog.

If they REALLY loved this dog, they wouldn't be chaining it and leaving it outside with no shelter.

He is digging because he is BORED! Dogs dig because they are bored. Of course, a dog is going to dig if they are left on a chain all day. I would call animal control or an animal rescue on these people because of the way they are treating their dog. If you are really wanting to help, it would be best to give the dog to a shelter/rescue. If they really loved this dog they wouldn't chain him, would provide him shelter, let him come inside, train and socialize him, exercise him, love him and properly take care of him.

Check out this awesome site to learn more about chaining dogs and how you can help him -

I do not recommend a trolley, it's the same as chaining.

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