What is the growth cycle of a papillon puppy

I adopted a dog that is supposed to be full blooded papillon. Mother looked taller than papillon but other characteristics looked like papillon. My puppy is now 7 weeks and weighs about 6 or 7 lbs. Was weaned from mother at 5 weeks when I got her. (Mother having hard time feeding). There were 5 in litter which is a lot for papillons. Doesn't really matter because I love her anyway. Just wondering if she should weigh this much. Feet seem a little big and ears are still down (may be phalene). Markings are definitely correct. Are some papillons just larger than others?

Asked by Member 815703 on Mar 14th 2009 in Breeds
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Gray Dawn Treader

Size will vary in any dog, regardless of breed, but here's a growth chart for Papillons:

As a side note, it's not really good to take a dog away from it's mother until it is at least 8 weeks old. I realize that the mother couldn't feed her, but the owner could have bottle fed the pups.
In any case, it's probably too late now and it sounds like the puppy is doing good. Be sure to socialize her with as many well-behaved dogs and people as possible so that she will be friendly, and not fearful of strangers.

Gray Dawn Treader answered on Mar 14th.

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I think you will be very big for a pap. Some are bigger then others. Daisy is really big for a pap. She weighs well fights between 8 and 9 pounds. Plus she is tall. But Daisy at that age was no where near that big. At 6 months she was that size. Boston my other pap is 4.2 pounds. He is really small though. I dont think he even meets the height requirement in paps. Phalenes are the same size as paps just with the flop ears. Some paps ears never stand totally erect but that doesnt mean they are phalenes as a phalenes ears are set on totally different then the paps. You could very well just be a enormous pap. Or possible not purebred it is hard to say for sure without seeing both mom and dad though.

Daisy answered on 3/15/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer