What is the best way to socialize an older puppy?

We recently got a five month old Pomeranian who is pretty shy and seems nervous around everything. I need some tips on socializing him with animals and people without overdoing it so he can more confidentially interact with other dogs and people and situations. I'd love some suggestions. Thanks!

Asked by Skylar on Aug 25th 2013 in Behavior & Training
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For an older pup who's already shy and nervous, going slowly with socializing is waaaay better than accidentally over-doing it. See how he does with inviting someone new over to the house, or being in the car and looking outside at new things. Go to quiet places like the park where he can observe people/dogs/kids from afar. Give him treats for any active observation, to condition news things to be positive for him. In my experience, at this stage, if you accidentally over-do it and he becomes incredibly scared you will have to put in waaaay more work to desensitize him to the experience in the future. Pay special attention to things he likes that you can incorporate to make him more comfortable with new things in addition to treats (example: my pup does better with new people when there's other dogs around). With a lot of patience though, he will make progress. :)

Arya answered on Aug 28th.

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Tasha (in memory)

Try a group training puppy class. It will give you guidance on training and socialization and teach your pup that other dogs, even if bigger, are not to be afraid of. Treat training (treat=good behavior) is a nice motivator; I like Nutro crunchies (6 kinds) because each piece is low-cal, light and can be further broken down into pieces. I saw them at PetsMart on sale the other day. ^_^

Tasha (in memory) answered on 8/25/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer