What is the best way to introduce my older dog to new puppies?

I have an older german shepherd dog that has been known to be quite aggressive towards other animals especially other dogs. But she has been around puppies and kittens before with supervision and seems to be completely fine with them. In fact she acts motherly (she is also spayed and has never had puppies). Does anyone know why she would be okay with babies but not adults? Also,I'm getting two puppies later this month and I wanted to know what the best way to introduce them to my other dog would be? Any ideas? Thanks.

Asked by Fred on Dec 14th 2012 Tagged puppies, trainingandbehavior in Other Puppies
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I had once helped my friend socialize her older agressive dog to puppies before, and now they have 2 new additions, and the older dog is doing great with them. I have also used this trick on my dog, which is the same way as yours with dogs. so it is pretty effective. here it is: step 1: bring them to a public park (you will need another person with you to hold the puppies) and let them walk next to eachother for a bit. then let them sniff, then play, still in the park. Step 2: put the older dog in a room at your house and let the puppies sniff her under the door.
(this will also get the puppies used to the house) Step 3: put your older dog in a crate while letting the pups loose around it Step 4: tie her up in the yard while walking the pups around her. let the pups loose, leaving her tied. let her loose. end of steps. *if she shows any agression at any time, stop and begin from square one. also, always wait for her to be calm before moving to the next step, to reduce agression. :)

Rain answered on Dec 14th.

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I have asked this question recently about introducing my dog to the new pup I am bringing home from a shelter. It is in the behavior forum and everybody gave me great advice there, maybe go check it out? The main things I think are letting your dog and pups meet on neutral ground, not in your house, maybe take them for a walk before going in your house. Always know your dogs body language and watch for her getting agitated and see that she has a place to go to get away from the puppies when she is bothered so she can get away for a bit, and make sure you give her just as much love as you did before if not more. Try having some one on one time occasionally also dont leave them all alone together when your gone, at least not till they are a bit older and are all good friends..but check out the behavior forum as i said great advice in there and more people to help. Good Luck

Mika answered on 12/14/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer