What is the best way to introduce a new puppy to my current, sometimes skittish, dog?

My husband and I fell in love with an 8 week old Carolina Mix at our local shelter and are bringing him home tomorrow and we couldn't be more excited.

However, I'm anxious about introducing him to our current dog (Bailey). While she LOVES other dogs, she's skittish around larger dogs and tends to be possesive with her "stuff" (aka, everything in the house lol).

As the new pup is only 8 weeks old, I don't really want to take him to a dog park and let them get to know each other there but I'm nervous about brining him home without her meeting him first.

Would our backyard be an ok place to do it?

Asked by Bailey on Apr 9th 2012 in Bringing Your Pet Home
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We took both our dogs to meet Koby at the breeder. It's better if you take your current dog with you to pick him up. That way if she doesn't like him, you will know right away. I'm willing to bet she'll like him. Most dogs like puppies. But, it's better for her to meet him at the shelter on neutral ground. Your back yard is her territory, so don't introduce them there. Jax is possessive of her toys, and she gets along with Koby. Good Luck!

Koby answered on 4/9/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer