What is the best product to remove dog hair from furniture and clothing?

I have 3 big long haired dogs and they shed horribly, even after I get them groomed and brush them regularly. I use the furminator and an under coat rake brush but they still get fur around...Those sticky rollers and lint brushes just don't cut it and they take so long to de-fur everything lol. I don't want an expensive vacuum like the Bissell Pet Hair remover because I have a Dyson (it's not the special pet hair one, it's the older model so it isn't the best thing to use to remove pet hair from the couches and clothing)...but I was thinking about getting something like a smaller vacuum for around 20-40 bucks, it doesn't even have to be a vacuum just any product that works well . I have looked around and there are so many products like that out there I have no idea which one to get. Just wondering if anyone can give me any opinions on what products work well for pet hair removal...thanks a lot!

Asked by Crystal on Dec 6th 2009 Tagged shedding in Other Pet Products
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Phillip J. Fry

My mom has one of those new Pledge Fabric Sweeper and she says it works real well but it does take a while, so she uses it mostly for the couch and bed.
I don't know what you're feeding but sometimes dogs react differently to different foods. It wasn't untill I started feeding Fry a wheat free diet that he stopped shedding so much.
that's all I got. I hope others are more helpful

Phillip J. Fry answered on 12/6/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Miss Priss

Bissel V ( versus)
I have this bissel vacume - it is like a floor vacume and then has a hand held attachment for all the furniture - even do your pants - It cost me about 60.00 a year ago.
I love it ---
It sucks up all the fur/ hair on the furniture and on the floors..
It is not made for rugs
Also, We use Salmon oil - 1 teaspoon per day and 1 Wafer per day -
see here:
The wafers keep our coat nice - We have a PITBULL that was shedding a bunch and now much better with the salmon oil and the NuVET wafers....

Miss Priss answered on 12/6/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I have a dirt devil canister bagless. I just suck up the hair with the extension.
I think mine is the wide version it is still going after 4 yrs. But, you do have to rinse out the filters about every 3 months at least let them air dry then you are good to go.

I bought some vac a long time ago paid about 400 and it was just junk.
I go with the dirt devil.

I have a pro heat bissel, it is ok, but really I wish I had some heavy duty super vac, I don't think they make those yet. bol

Dieta answered on 12/6/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer