What is the best inexpensive GOOD pain med for a dog with breast cancer taht spread to lungs before she could have her f

My dog is approximately 11 or 12 years old. She is a Finnish Spitz - Chow chow mix. She had breast cancer since 2006. She has had 3 mastectomies but the cancer finally spread to the lungs before we could afford her last mastectomy. She cries in a whiny whistling high pitch when she is laying down and I know she is in Pain. Tramadol is not working well and deramax makes her throw up. I gave her ativan a couple of times and she seems to like that. It doesn't knock her out but she stops whining. We need a good pain medicine, not an NSAID. Also, we are on a budget. What do you recommend? If she is still playful and runs when we are out on walks, it is too early to put her down right?

Asked by Member 986877 on May 13th 2010 Tagged breastcancer, pain, whining in Cancer
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I haven't had to go through this and i pray that i never will. But if one of my boys was as old as she is and was in pain i would let them go peacefully. I would be afraid of keeping them here with me would cause them to have a painful death. I know it is extremely hard to have to make a decision like this when she is still playful but i would really think about how her life will be like if she continues in pain.
If letting her go is an absolute no then i would call my vet and get suggestions on how to manage the pain

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