What is something to feed a dog when traveling (as in graval)?

Asked by Yoda on Dec 19th 2009 in Car Travel
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I'm a little confused by your question. I'm not sure if you mean that you're traveling to Graval, France and need to know what pet foods are available in France, or if you are referring to kibble as graval (gravel)??

If you are traveling to France and already have a favorite brand that you feed your pup, then I would email the pet food company and ask them if they export to France and if it's easily available there. You'll be better off keeping your pet on the same diet he's on now, rather than change while traveling.

If you can't locate your favored brand in France, you might try finding a suitable brand that is internationally available and start transitioning BEFORE you leave so there is no tummy surprise for your pup. Most pet food companies operate internationally anyway. The only thing that might be different are the quality standards for food processing. From what I understand, it is actually higher in developed European countries than it is in the US. Good Luck!

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