What is moving INSIDE my puppy's stomach?

I found this pup on the side of the road, and decided to keep her. She had a huge, swollen belly full of worms and was nothing but bones. I wormed her with pyrantel poamate purchased from a vet. I dont think its worms moving, or could it still be worms? She was obviously heavily infested, with a huge and hard belly. Her belly is gone now except for this lump. This is a large lump that changes its shape from an egg size and shape, to a golf ball size and shape, and it rotates inside her belly, disa & reappearing! I can feel it move, and see it...and sometimes it makes loud gurgling sounds (loud enough to wake me up). She seems to be uncomfortable only when she is laying down, and she will start breathing more rapidly. This is the only time it is noticable, laying on her side or back.Other than that, she seems to be fine...playful, alert, eats, drinks, regular and normal bowel movements with no visible worms or eggs. Not seen vet yet, will go after my next paycheck, most likely Tuesday

Asked by Camo on Oct 12th 2008 Tagged worms, stomach, breathing, sleep, gurgling, puppy in Other Health & Wellness
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Has this pup had a complete physical exam by a Vet?

It sounds to me like it could possibly be a hernia (at least the "lump" aspect of your description). An umbilical or inguinal hernia is a deformation/tear in the muscles of the abdomen. The lump seen is usually intestine peeking through the muscle layer. It will vary in size depending on the activity of the particular section of intestine protruding. If this pup had a severe worm infestation, chances are the pup is having some gastrointestinal upset (especially due to gas). Borborygmus (tummy rumbling) is very common in dogs with such conditions, and would explain why you are feeling and hearing noises from this pup's tummy!

If a hernia has not yet been ruled out by a vet, I'd suggest a comprehensive exam to do so. If, however, this pup is under the care of a vet, the vet can determine the cause of such symptoms.

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