what is "flushing" the anal glands?

After having the vet express the anal glands twice within a two week period, now she wants to "flush" her apprehensive about doing that

Asked by Member 564195 on Jan 29th 2008 Tagged flushinganalgland in Health & Wellness
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Flushing is a proceedure that(most dogs don't ennjoy)will get any particles out that won't come out during regular expressions.If the glands were infected they will flush then put an antibiotic solution in them for treatment.
PLEASE keep in mind that anal glands fill up daily and can be expressed on a daily basis.Normal glands will fill up and be emptied every time a dog has a normal firm bowel movement.If the dog is under active,over weight or has a loose stool then the glands may not express on their own and may need to be done manually.
Hope this helped.

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