What is a good chew/bone option for my shih tzu?

I'd like to give my 5 yr old shih tzu a bone/chew that is good for his teeth and gums, safe for his gut, and fun for him to have. He tends to gulp things so I stopped giving him anything that could come off in chunks (ie. greenies, raw hide, etc.)

Is there a raw bone option that I could ask for at the butcher or order online that would be appropriate for him? I don't know much about this so not sure what animal or body part to give him. Best to get him something super yummy to get him interested in it.... typical finicky shih tzu!! :)

Note: He does get a weekly toothbrushing and eats dry kibble.

Asked by Member 559531 on Feb 6th 2008 Tagged chews, rawbones, shihtzuteethdental in Health & Wellness
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Kudos for you to looking into what's in your dog's best interest! Raw meaty bones are a great chew choice, but like any chew, you must supervise the dog while they chew it to be sure no chunks are broken off.

Raw meaty bones clean a dog's teeth better than Greenies, Rawhide, or any other chew I have used. They are also all-natural and ultra-healthy (so do not be surprised if he gets some runny poop after eating his first RMB). But the BEST thing you could do is brush your dog's teeth every day with dog toothpaste and a toothbrush.

Good RMB's for a small dog would include:
Whole chickens, whole rabbit(REALLY good!), whole cornish gamehens(REALLY good), turkey necks, pigs feet, ostrich feet, whole oxtails(good), whole chicken feet, whole tilipia, turkey wings, whole duck (watch out for duck, it's VERY fatty, cut the skin off), and anything larger than you dog's head is fine. If you feed a fatty cut, your dog will be more likely to get the runs, so I would stick to your leanest options.

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