what grit dremel sanding sleeve do you use. I have the standard 80 grit I believe.

Asked by Member 1001541 on Aug 22nd 2010 in Home Grooming
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I use a dremel on my dog and my chicken and the one that comes with it the round sandpaer ones? I used but be careful as you us it the closer you get the harder it is see it heats up and when you get near the skin part of the nail it will hurt or it might bite (make the nail bleed. Only take off little by little if you can't tell where the shin is on the nail. My bulldog has been put down in 2002 she had a bad case of dry eye and I did all I could but tshe was not happy so I put her down. I used the dremal all the time I had her I bought it when I got her. Good tool EXCELLENT TOOL really.

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