What Else Can I Do About the Neighbors Pit Bull?

I live on a small lot and I enjoy my back yard. I have a female GSD mix who also enjoys it. I've lived here about 6 years. The neighbors in back of me have always had dogs and everything was fine until they adopted an agressive female pit mix about six months ago. We have a 6 foot wooden fence between us. If their pit is in the back yard when myself or my dog go out there, it comes running and throws it self against the fence; literally throws itself you can hear the thud when it hits. It doesn't bark, so I never hear it coming! My dog gets defensive and responds if she's out there with me. The pit has also been trying to jump the fence; I hear her nails on the wood and she tries to scramble up it over and over. I'm tired of it and scared. I have a right to be in my back yard and so does my dog. The neighbors literally think it's funny. They don't seem to realize that the pit is an agressive alpha. I've called Animal Control but they admit there is very little they can do.

Asked by Member 1094000 on Feb 21st 2012 in Animal Control
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Wow, there is something wrong with people that think that action is funny. How will they feel if their dog gets out and bites some small child. Is the fence your fence or the neighbors fence? Maybe you could have something done because of the damge the pit is doing to your fence and force the others to put in some kind of underground fence to keep the pit away from the fence of yours. I hope others have more ideas for you and you find a way to enjoy your yard.

Dunkin answered on 2/23/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer