What dog breed should I get?

So far I have come down to Golden Retriever, a boxer, or a wiemeraner, but I'm not sure!!!! I want a nice apartemnt dog with plenty of energy cause theres a park across the street! Weekly agility and good with kids.

Asked by Member 769709 on May 21st 2010 in Breeds
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All 3 are great breeds, but the weim is just a teensy bit more high strung. Once they are past the puppy stage all would be fine in an apartment with the exercise you mentioned. Every goldie I have met is fab with kids & most boxers i know are also good with kids. It all comes down to how you train & socialize your dog. Boxers will shed less than a golden.

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The Golden Retriever, Boxer, and Weimaraner are all great breeds, just like any dog is.

The Golden Retriever will do okay in an apartment as long as they are exercised enough. Golden Retrievers need to be taken on a daily, brisk, long walk or jog. This breed would love to go to the park and they love to retrieve. Fetch them a ball or some kind of toy.

Boxers will do okay in an apartment if they are exercised enough. This breed needs a long, daily walk. This breed enjoys going to the park and will enjoy you fetching the ball for her.

Weimaraners will do okay in an apartment if they are exercised enough. They enjoy retrieving the ball or any kind of toy. They need a long, daily walk.

All breeds need socialization and training. Please train and socialize your dog. Do research on these breeds before getting a dog.

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Space can be an issue. Even a roomy apartment doesn't have room enough for the energy of some dogs. How much dog experience do you have? All 3 breeds need at least 2 hours of walking a day. Weim's need more!

Weimaraner's are beautiful, high energy, sensative dogs. bred to work a long day in the field, they need outdoor space and hours of activity behind a fence or away from traffic (fast runners).

Boxers are clowns, funny and full of personality. But are also very active dogs and like room to run around.

Goldens used to be the family's number one choice. Years of popularity has not done the breed any favors. While I love them and grew up with 2, I see many high strung, ADHD, oversized (? 100 lbs ?), or snappy. Careful selection from a reputable local breeder is a must. Or, better yet, see what your getting by using a Golden rescue group.

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