what does it mean when dogs wont eat. and throwing up green stuff mixed with a little blood?

I have a verry small rat terrier. my wife and I noticed a very fast weight loss. With in two days she turned to skin & bones. We tryed feeding her but she wont eat... Then the we see her throw up green stuff. I gave her pepcid AC a 1/4 of a tablet. And been forcing Pedialyte down her throat to keep her hydrated. shes really weak and seems to nothing. Its the 3rd day for all this. Tomorrow im taking her to the vet but need to know if theres a blockage how long will it take until its fatale?

Asked by Member 1157462 on Feb 28th 2013 Tagged lossofweight, throwingup, green, blood, not, eating, blockage, losing in Health & Wellness
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If this were day 3 for my dog, I would be at an e-vet now. All I can say is I am so sorry this is happening, Keep doing the pedialyte..check to make sure there is no xylitol in it. If so STOP..that is toxic for dogs. Switch to a mix of water, a wee bit of salt & a wee bit of sugar.
Sending positive thoughts your way that she makes it. No one online can give you a time frame. Get her in the moment the door opens tomorrow. This CAN NOT wait!

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I agree you need to get your dog to the vet ASAP! Good Luck!

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I agree with the other posters, I am glad you are taking her to the vet tomorrow, but if her condition has got this bad in 3 days, you may not have till tomorrow, you could maybe look into an emergency vet clinic.....they tend to be more expensive but if it will save her life it is worth it!
The green stuff you mention that she is throwing up is most likely bile which happens when there is no food in there stomach to throw up, same thing with us humans.
At the very least please call an emergency vet and tell them whats going on and they can better tell you if you should come in right away.
Good Luck

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