What do you think my dog is mixed with? Possible Boxer/Beagle?

We got our dog at the shelter and were told he was a Boxer mix. He has a lot of Boxer personality traits but we're not sure what he's mixed with. He's about 4 months old and weighs 30 lbs. Pictures on my profile.

Asked by Member 984061 on Apr 28th 2010 in Mixed Breeds
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Oh, you cute little thing!

Well, I'd second that boxer beagle call from the shelter.

If you take a look at Jack's brother, Louie, he's also a boxer beagle mix and they look quite a bit alike.

We see both breeds in him. Some days we say he's having a Beagly day and other days it's Boxer Day.

But I'm pretty sure Cub is that exact mix.

Adorable, enjoy your new dog!

Jack answered on Apr 28th.

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