What do you do if your not sure if your puppy ate a bad mushroom from your yard?

Asked by Member 511119 on Oct 6th 2007 in Health & Safety
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This happened to Jack at about four months old.

We weren't sure if the mushroom was "bad" or not, so we took Jack to the vet with the mushroom remains in a plastic baggie.

Unfortunately, the vet said he couldn't identify the mushroom as being either okay or poisonous, so he had to be sedated and he was given morophine to make him vomit. A few hours later, we were able to pick him up.

The vet told us that mushroom poisoning is common, and it is very serious.

The scariest thing about this is that it can take up to a few days for the toxins to take effect, since what happens is that the liver is poisoned.

I would take the dog to the vet asap anytime the dog ate something you suspect might be this harmful to him.

Look for signs of lethargy or sickness for at least a few days, to be sure.

Most mushrooms are okay, but it would be worth the time to make sure you pick them out of your yard, just in case.

Jack answered on Oct 7th.

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Lady Ivana (Porscha) Pierrah

I would contact a local vet or pet hospital, just to check it out. If the puppy consumed the mushroom, it may be poisonous to them.

Lady Ivana (Porscha) Pierrah answered on 10/6/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer