What do I do if my dog got bit by another dog and the bites look real bad and swollen?

I put my 7 month old male pit bull outside for the first time last night and dug a tunnel into my other kennel and got into a fight with my two year old pit bull male. The scared area looks really red and is bleeding. He got bitten on his face and around the neck. I dont fight dogs and me and my wife are really devistated. When I found him I brought him back inside and washed him all up I gave him a bath and some dog antibiotic pill then I sprayed some spray on his face for the infection and gave him a shot of penosillin. He is resting now but his would still look bad. I am going to take him to the vet in the morning but still feel like there is still something else I can do. Plus now what am I going to do about my dogs. The only reason I had to put them outside is because my wife is pregnate and I dont want them jumping on her do I have to get rid on one of my males.

Asked by Member 560763 on Jan 20th 2008 Tagged bite, fight, wounds, hurt in Emergencies & First Aid
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Make sure you take him to the asap. Hot and cold compresses will help swelling. I've also used Betadine on wounds, don't use peroxide as it kills tissue. Keep the wound open to help draining-IT HAS TO DRAIN the bacteria. Your vet will put him on antibiotics and possibly pain meds. I don't know how bad the wounds are so it's hard to say. Make sure he's drinking lots of water too but he may not eat because of his face. They probably won't stitch him up since they need to drain but you should take him in to the vet as soon as you can. Infection can build really quickly. As for getting rid of a male, you have a big decision. It's not to say male pits can't get along but it's a hard road now that they have fought, and it's going to be tough. I'm guessing they aren't neutered? It may help. If they are game-bred then you may have to get rid of a male as this is what they were bred to do. Or, you are going to have to be VERY consistent in training and SUPERVISE them 24/7 NO exceptions

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Yikes! I'm so sorry that happened! How traumatic for all of you!

Well I am glad you are taking your dog to the veterinarian ASAP. They are the only ones who can really give you the help you need. And in the future- do not try to treat serious wounds at home. Don't give your dog antibiotics or injections without the guidance of an experienced veterinarian. You could make the problem a lot worse!

You have two Pit Bulls you say? This makes no difference to your dog's aggression levels. Pitties can be trained to be nice to other dogs, but it takes a lot of time and patience. Not to mention you have to start them at a very young age (which it doesn't sound like you did). And at this point in life, both dogs have not been properly socialized. Sadly, you cannot teach them to be dog-friendly now. I would be worried with the baby along the way.

I would recommend attending some serious training sessions with a professional behaviorist right away.

Good luck

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