what could be wrong with my dog she holds her back leg up and will not use it its not broken im pretty sure

my dog is a mixed breed half chihuahua/cookapoo she has in the last week and a half started to hold her back leg up and will not put any presser on it unless she has to but when she sits she sits on that leg i thought it could be arthritis but dont know she is 11 years old and a little heavy but she does not yelp with it or any thing but some times when she is laying in her bed a sleep she will jump up and give 1 yelp and will go lay back down and sleep i dont think she has broken it there is no swelling and you can rub it and she does nothing we have not allowed her on any furniture for a few years because of her age was afraid of her jumping off and getting hurt she cant get on any more any way some one please give me a little info.

Asked by Member 557702 on Jan 13th 2008 Tagged helphurtingchihuahua, olddog in Health & Wellness
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I would recommend a visit to the Vet as there are several things that could cause these symptoms; luxated patella, nerve injury/damage, arthritis in the hip/knee/hock, torn ligament, minor fracture, etc. Better to find out the cause sooner, when there may be a chance to repair it/prevent it from worsening, than waiting until it's so bad that your poor dog is suffering.

answered on Jan 13th.

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Maybe she stepped on something and has it stuck in her paw,like a splinter or something.
Have you tried calling around asking your Vet. what they think could be wrong with your dog?

Take her to the Vet. and see if they can examine whats wrong with her leg.
I feel that would be the BEST thing to try first.

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Ginger Smiles Primm

Most small breeds get Luxating Petulla. She would have gotten it a long time ago. Or in even slightly over weight small dogs they will get arthritis. Just make sure she has a soft place to sleep. She DOES need to see a vet for in the least pain meds. Worse case she wore out the ball in joint on her hip. The surgery (not necessary) usualy costs between $500 and $2000. Remember, small dogs live long. Sometimes 20 years so do the right thing! Good luck!

Ginger Smiles Primm answered on 1/14/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer