what causes weight loss on a chichuachua

my dog chichuachua eats but never gains weight

Asked by Member 1148314 on Jan 5th 2013 in Health & Wellness
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It could be a variety of things:
- The food doesn't have the appropriate nutritional value for him/her
- Inadequate portions (is he/she still hungry after you feed them, or do they seem full?)
- Stomach worms (roundworm, tapeworm, etc.)

If you're feeding something with lots of fillers, like corn, your pup's just passing it all through their system and not actually absorbing anything. Foods with higher protein and even grains (good grains like rice, oatmeal and barley) will help to put on weight.

Check their waste to see if there's tapeworms (they look like white granules of rice), or even look into getting a de-wormer that covers roundworms, since you can't see them without doing a stool sample through a vet.

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