What causes stools/poop to be in balls or egg shaped.

I started feeling my dog Taste of the Wild a couple months ago. At first he woofed it down and poop was very good. Now he does not want to eat it and stools are balls/egg shaped, firm but not hard, hard. He drinks plenty of water. What would cause this?

Asked by Member 650593 on Jul 7th 2008 Tagged dogfood, poop, hardenballs in Pet Food
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It's still constipation. Maybe he needs a little grain in his diet. I would get a good quality grain inclusive food and mix with his TOTW. Mix it at each feeding until you are sure he will eat it. Canidae ALS would be a possibility.

Lily has Canidae for breakfast and raw for dinner. Everything is well with her.

Lily answered on 7/7/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


It's very difficult for anyone to give advice in your situation because none of us here know what you consider "very good" poop or what these firm poop balls / egg shapes look like.

That said, smaller, firmer, and sometimes round/oval stools are very normal for dogs that are on high-quality diets that are grain free, as well as dogs that are on natural raw diets. They are what healthy poops should be - small, firm, easy to pick up. Not the big piles of pudding poop most dog owners are so used to seeing - those are usually a good indicator that your dog is on a low-quality food or that your dog is not tolerating the food well (usually if there's too much protein in the food).

What would have me concerned is that he now does not want to eat it. Are you consistently feeding one formula of Taste of the Wild? If so, you could try switching to a different formula, if not another brand of food.

Abby answered on 7/8/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer