What can I use to moisturize my dog's foot pads?

My new dog, who relocated from TN to MA has developed very dry foot pads. We've been walking and jogging a lot. She loves it and desperately needs the exercise, but I don't want her pads to crack or bleed. Maybe the salt they use to melt ice around here? Anyway, what can I use? Vaseline? I know she'll lick it, so it has to be safe to injest.

Asked by Misty on Jan 21st 2008 Tagged feet in Health & Wellness
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Do you know whether they use salt or chemical ice melt on the roads and sidewalks up there?

If they use chemical ice melt, I would recommend that you use dog booties for Misty instead of just a paw wax or creme, as those will protect her paws better and she won't be ingesting any chemicals if she licks her paws after getting home. Muttlucks makes some of the best quality booties on the market, followed closely by Ruff Wear's rubber soled ones. The Ruff Wear ones provide better grip.

Aside from that, plenty of pet stores sell products that will help keep your dog's paws moisturized and healthy in the winter. The two best products are Soothables TenderFoot Pad Creme and Musher's Secret. Musher's is more of a wax and TenderFoot is more or a lotion. Quality working K-9 suppliers usually carry one or the other, if not both.

Abby answered on 1/21/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


After your walks, be sure to rinse off her paws, to rid them of any road salt. That can be dangerous if licked. I've heard that Bag Balm works good on cracked pads...but ya might want to get a product marketed to dogs. Good luck! PS: You might want to give the boots a try, but most dogs walk really funny with them on. Maybe before you shell out the 20-$30 on a pair, you can see how she reacts to maybe a sock put on her feet (just to see how she is with the idea of something on them).

Fritzy answered on 1/22/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer