what can i use around the house to get rid of my dogs worms?

I dont want to take him to the vet b/c i cant really afford it so i was wondering if anyone knew what i could use around the house to get rid of them there very small maybe about from the end of my pinki nail to the top of it and white worms kinda look like rice but its not rice.. please help

Asked by Member 548564 on Dec 20th 2007 Tagged wormsinpuppies in Other Puppies
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You really need to go to the vet because you need to find out which type of parasite your dog has..that way you're treating the correct worm and not giving him any unnecessary medication...remember to take along a stool sample!

I came to mommie with two types of parasites...They both required different medication.

Leon answered on 12/20/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

~Angel (RIP 11/20/07)~

Unfortunately there is no home remedy for worms. There may be 'natural remedies' online, but who knows if they work. You are just better off taking a prescription medicine. You have to call your vet about this. Different worms require different medicine.

If you have a regular vet, call them and describe what you are seeing. My Angel had tapeworms once, and I called and told them what they looked like, and they just got a prescription ready for me without me having to bring her in (and paying extra for the office visit). They gave me a dose to take at the time, another dose to take four weeks after that (worms have eggs that may remain after the initial dose and hatch weeks later). Then four weeks after that, I had to bring in a stool sample to make sure they were all gone.

We had a good relationship with our vet so I can't say all would be willing to do the same.

~Angel (RIP 11/20/07)~ answered on 12/20/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


you should check your local vets to see if there is an economic neighborhood vet that u can go to

Kobi answered on 12/20/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Cindy Lou Who

You should deworm your dog every 6 months as a precaution. I live in the south where the fleas are in season year round so tapeworms are a common problem. The flea eggs or fleas carrying the worm eggs are injested by dogs. Although they are supposedly harmless, they are gross! They only come out to lay eggs and they are usually noticed in the dog's feces or on the fur around their anus. When they dry, they look similar to uncooked rice. There are other parasites that the dogs can injest, so treatment and prevention will keep your dog happy and healthy. There are pills and/or medications you can buy for the treatment of worms from your local pet store, such as Safeguard, which treats hookworm, roundworm, and tapeworm. Or seperate meds that treat different worms. The most important thing to remember though is you cannot get heartworm meds from the store - you have to go to the vet - and this is one medicine you really should make sure you have year round.

Cindy Lou Who answered on 12/20/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Honostly, I know what it is like to be hurting on money, but treatment for worms is typically not an expensive visit... I would go to the vet and get it taken care of. Not doing so could result in larger vet bills later on... sounds like a tapeworm... one shot should take care of it...

Kaya answered on 12/20/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


There are several non-prescription de-wormers you can get. Safe-guard makes a good one that works on many types of worms that you just put on your dogs food. (My dogs ate it right up so it must have tasted better than most medicines, so that's a plus.) You can get these types of things and online pet supply places. I know the Safe-Guard product is available at:
I say give that a shot, and if it doesn't work, then you'll have to give the vet a go.

Member 515992 answered on 12/20/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


The bottom line here is that it is your responsiblity as an owner to make sure this dog has adequate medical care in instances like this. Not only is it the RIGHT thing to do, it is illegal in most cases NOT to take a sick dog to the vet.

Leaving a case of worms or other parasites to go away on its own not only will not work, but your dog will only become worse and could become seriously ill.

Try checking with your local animal shelter for a low cost deworming program or check with local vets to see if any have sliding rate fees or if they can let you make payments.

I agree with the poster who said that the treatment shouldn't cost that much. I know if you're struggling, though, even a few dollars can be a big deal.

Ultimately, though, you need to make sure you get your dog treated properly. He'd do it for you, if the tables were turned.

Jack answered on 12/21/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer