What can i do to motivate my dog or keep her attention?

My 2 year old Newfoundland mix is very smart and lovable but so far there are only a few things we have found that she loves, all of which are things that we can't easily give her. she loves adventure but we can't trust her outside her pen on her own sinse she has ran away many time, also jumping up and being held but since she is over 80lb that isn't something that everyone can do and will probably one day get someone hurt. She also loves to be high up she climbs the hay bails right now but they don't go up that high (4 ft max). lastly she loves exercise but is just to fast for jogs. She could care less about food, tennis balls, or squeeky toys and we have found that balls that are larger like a kick ball scare her. she is also not to fond of water. we would be willing to do just about anything to do just about anything to make her happy in her new home but we have never heard of a dogy jungle gym and we are starting to run out of things to try. any suggestion

Asked by Member 979272 on Apr 2nd 2010 Tagged dogmotivators, attentionholders in Toys
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Everything you mention about her personality is very UN-Newfie like....what is she mixed with?

The answer to motivating her is likely in her other breed not in her Newfie heritage.

It sounds like she might like agility type activities. Build her an obsticle course with jumps, tunnels and platforms etc. to give an outlet for her interests.

At 80 pounds, you have to discourage jumping or putting paws on people. Stay calm, turn away and ignore her until she stops jumping, Then reward her with an opportunity to climb if that's what she likes.

Try using a no-pull harness or head collar for walks or jogs so you can slow her down to your pace. Try rollerblades on pavement or a bike so she can go faster.

Pepper answered on 4/2/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


It sounds like your dogs definately needs intellectual stimlation as well as vigorous exercise.

I love the agility course idea. You might consider even signing up for agility classes. I hear they are alot of fun for the owners and the dogs.

Even basic obedience classes wil help with the walks and jogs, as they will train her to follow your lead instead of the other way around, but for her high intellect, and activity level, the agility classes sound like they would stimuate both.

It sounds as though you have a really special dog here. Good luck with what ever you do!!!

Hector answered on 4/3/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


So I don't understand. You are wanting to teach her obedience? Or find her a toy or job to do?
There is some books to read to learn obedience. And you can teach her to not jump up on people. I suggest Pat Miller or other trainers that use only positive methods.
Also after you teach her some obedience you should look into agility if the dog has healthy hips. You should have good obedience before trying anything off leash. And she is just afraid of things and not use to toys because she may have never had any experiences with them. I found that our shelter dog didn't even know how to catch a ball. She only knew how to sit because the shelter taught that to her.
A tip- use cooked chicken breast diced up- no dog is going to refuse real meat. :)

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What you need to do is you need to keep experimenting to find someting that your dog LOVES. Just be patient, It may take a few weeks or maybe even months. It will be worth it, though. Then you teach her the "Watch Me" command. You hold whatever she loves up to your face and say, "dog's name, watch me!" Then when she loks at you, play with her.
I have found that many dog stores have fun balls with something for the dog to hold onto, similar to children's toys that they bounce upon.

Good luck and give her a kiss/hug for me because I love Newfies!

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I recently started taking my dog on bike rides and it's amazing how great even a short ride is so enjoyable and depletes excess energy. My dog and I are both addicted. But before you take your dog on rides buy a walky dog bike leash. It's a metal rod that connects to the side of your bike. It's handsfree and it works so well you cannot even feel your dog running beside you even if they attempt to pull you. Look on my profile and you can see a picture of it. It's alot of fun for me and my dog!

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Lilly (RIP)

I agree.... Take her to an agility course or maybe even get her involved in flyball if she likes it? Maybe try going hiking or camping and see if she likes it?

Lilly (RIP) answered on 4/6/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer