what can i do about my negligent dog walker?

Solly jumped from her car at approx 30mph causing serious injuries to both her back feet. Her car boot opened whilst she was driving. Boot opened cause she failed to clean up after a bag of horse feed split open in the back blocking the boot catch. She was only secured by her collar and lead and when boot opened she twisted out of her collar. The collar WAS fitted properly. This was also not the first time boot opened and i thought she had got it checked. She had not. She also had no insurance which i was led to believe she had. I have been told by one of the vets who treated her that as a dog she has no legal rights. Surely this cant be right. Can this woman really get away with what she has done to my dog. She is walking dogs and doing pet minding as a small business, and until this happened i did not have a problem with her, but it only takes one stupid mistake and this one nearly cost my dog her life.

Asked by Member 1040735 on Jul 13th 2011 Tagged negligence, dogwalker, sue in Animal Welfare
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Not familiar with british laws...

In the USA, a dog is personal property, anyone hired to walk a dog has to have insurance to cover accidents/injury. They are just as responsible for the dog as any other personal property, like if she borrowed your car and crashed into a tree.

So the Vet is correct in saying the dog has no legal rights. But you as the dogs owner, and the injured party (your expense as well as mental anguish over the dogs injury), you DO have rights.
It's a small claims case, so no lawyer is needed.

Snickers answered on 7/13/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I would report it to authorities.She said that she had insurance for if anything happened in her care while taking care of someone's dog.It doesn't matter if she does or doesn't have insurance the matter of the fact is that she said that she did and it happened in her care.

Carter answered on 4/18/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer