What can cause swelling behind my dogs penis that appears to be internal?

Haven't seen a vet for this dog seems to occasionally have swelling behind his penis area. It doesn't appear to have anything to do with his penis.(However I'm not positive).... I am wondering if it has anything to do with one of his organs? Could it possibly be his bladder or something similar? It appears to be an internal issue. I am VERY worried !!!! PLEASE....ANY ANWSERS??

Asked by Member 1149172 on Jan 9th 2013 in Illness & Disease
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A male dog has glands on either side of their penis, right at the base, that swell to hold the tie when breeding.
If the dog gets excited at all, these glands often swell, even in neutered dogs.
They are about walnut sized in a medium sized dog, one on each side, and are quite hard when visible. If not swollen they can't be seen.
If this is the case with your guy it is perfectly normal.

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