What can be done about an intact male dog whose owner just lets him run loose and breed all the females in town?

First of all where I live the local shelter is so full that they are giving away dogs and cats to make room. Normally these animals are spayed or neutered before being sent to new homes. Now a friend of mine found a stray female German Shepherd in his yard. The vet even thought she was fixed when my friend had me take her in for shots and a check up. Her paper work from the vet says spayed. There is a beautiful intact male lab running around town the dog has on a collar but no tags. His owner took the tags off him after someone called the vet and reported having found the dog. Tonight my friends Shepherd Hailie was hanging around my house again as usual. She was out in the yard when my dogs started barking. I went out to find the lab tied with the neighbors husky through the fence. Five minutes later he was tied with Hailie. The AC officer will tell us just to shoot the lab because he is a nuisance and there is no room for him in the shelter. What can the town do about this dog?

Asked by Drizzit on Nov 11th 2011 Tagged leashlaws, noroomattheshelter, intactmaledogroamingtownbreedingallfemalesintown in Laws & Legislation
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If they let their dog run around the neighborhood loose, they don't care about their dog. A good owner who cares about their dog would keep them up in a fenced in yard. A good owner would never allow their un-neutered dog to run the neighborhood loose. It is against the law to let animals run at large. I would call animal control, a Lab rescue (it doesn't matter if it's in your state or a different state), they'll come and pick the dog up. Call an animal shelter near you, it doesn't have to be the one that's full, it can be another one somewhere else.

As I can see from your profile page, you live in IN. Here are some shelters/rescues in IN -









You can also take the dog to a low cost spay/neuter clinic.

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I had this problem, as well. His attempts to breed my dog meant that I couldn't take her out to go potty without being molested. I wouldn't have let her out on her own to be bred. I kept taking the dog back home, until he became aggressive. I knocked on the door to the owner's house, explained why I was irritated, and said I was calling AC if they didn't get it under control. They didn't like being confronted in person, and they kept their dog at home. If this doesn't work and Animal Control is no help, try calling the police. If that doesn't work, I'd bring the issue to city or town council for discussion. Also, I'd make a healthy donation to your shelter and encourage my friends to adopt.

As for the dog, if he has no tags and nothing else works, he could "belong to anyone." I'd find a nice, no-kill shelter and take him there. If "whoever" originally owned him wants to pay to re-adopt their own dog, let them do so. If not, hopefully he'll find a new, loving, responsible owner.

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If i recall this is the same dog that bred with your young bitch a few months back?

I think, knowing the dog runs around town loose, that bitch owners should be being hyper vigilant and taking the correct precautions to protect their dogs. So for instance, i'd be wanting to go outside with my dog in the yard. If your yard isn't fully fenced, why not look into that as an option? Have 6/7ft paneling all around.

Has anyone actually spoke with the Lab owner? Told him/her that their dog risks being shot and is causing a nuisance in the neighborhood? Perhaps tell your neighbor who's Husky the Lab has just bred with and the GSD owner to dump all vet bills at his doorstep? It's kinda concerning though how many bitches seem to be left unsupervised while they're in season when a known intact dog is roaming loose.

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