What breeds are compatible?

We are getting a Chessie pup soon, and want to get another pup as well, different breed. Wondering if there are breeds more compatible with chessies, does size matter? Both will be females, both hopefully 8 weeks old when they come to live with us.

Asked by Member 116987 on Sep 3rd 2008 Tagged puppies in Socialization
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In my personal opinion, and from my experience, raising two puppies at the same time can be very difficult, and is usually not reccomended. It is do-able, and I have done it for years, but having said that... Breeds don't really determine whether or not a dog will get along. It all depends on how you introduce the dogs, and how you manage them. If you are their leader and you give them rules and limits, they will both get along well, and respect you as their leader. If you don't, then you will have a mess of dogs running your life. Since they will both be puppies, you have an advantage there because you can start from scratch and typically puppies will always get along with one another. Make sure that you choose another dog which will fit into your lifestyle. Chesapeakes require lots of exercise, so a dog that is equal in energy might be better than a dog who isn't - this way you can do the same activities with then together. Message me if you have other questions.

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Gray Dawn Treader

I agree with what Sergeant said here.

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