What breed of dog would you say my pup is?

I rescued a 11 month old pup from the local Humane and I was wondering what breed she might be. Does she look like she is part Wirehaired? She does have webbed feet. They had her labeled as a Wheaten Terrier mix but I have not seen any Wheaten that has a coat like hers other than color! The almost lab like undercoat with a thin wispy wirehaired topcoat and VERY minimal shedding. She is reddish/wheaten color as opposed to chocolate and has a black nose vs a brown nose. Maybe Wheaten/Pointer mix? Absolutely love the little one regardless of breed but trying to figure out if the skittishness is breed or experiences...or both. :-)

Asked by Member 1176265 on Jun 24th 2013 Tagged terrier, wheaten, whatbreed, wirehairedpointinggriffon, wirehair, wirehaired, griffon, pointer in Breeds
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Ask the question again, but this time please add pictures of the dog. Without a picture, no one can tell.

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