What breed is my puppy?! Any estimates on how big she will get?

Olive is a 15 week old mixed breed. Here she is:


(More pictures on her profile)

We were TOLD her mother is a border collie/rat terrier mix (about 15 pounds) and her dad is a larger black Chihuahua (about 8 pounds) ... although we don't see much Chihuahua in her at all. When we got her at 8 weeks, she was about 4.5 pounds and has been growing about a pound a week. She now weighs about 11.5 pounds at 15 weeks. Just wondering what you all thought her true mix might be and how big she might be full grown. We were hoping for a small-medium sized dog, but we are thinking she might get fairly large.

Any input is greatly appreciated! :)

Asked by Olive on Apr 16th 2013 Tagged breed, weight, puppy, cute, bordercollie, mixed, growth in Mixed Breeds
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She's a Heinz 57.

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