What breed do you think my dog is?? Any suggestions??

Ley is a mixed breed dog but I don't know much about breeds so if you can recognize any of them please let me know :)

Asked by Lexy on Dec 13th 2011 in Mixed Breeds
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There are DNA Test Kits available, where you can do a oral swab, send it off, and in a few weeks, get a nice report on the consistency of your Dogs Ancestry. I used the Wisdom Panel Test, and you can see the information on them at...

Now, you're probably going to hear some "comments" on the accuracy of this type test. But, technology rules, and at some point, the “Nay Sayers” are going to be compelled to yield to Empirical Data.

There’s a difference between an animal being Purebred (Pure Blood Line), and having Provable Lineage or Ancestry !

My intent was to verify if my animal was Purebred. To validate that it had an uninterrupted bloodline of, and only Yorkshire Terrier. DNA Testing does that.

If you wish to verify the Lineage of your Dog, then pursue the “Paper Trail”, via your Breeder, AKC, DRA, UKC or the Parent Club Documentation. This too can also be called Ancestry, and these two methods “should” be complimentary, not exclusive. Just because a Breeder can document that their animals have been registered through AKC or another agency for several generations, does NOT mean they are Purebred, though some unscrupulous Breeders would have you believe that.

Wisdom Panel are not the only tests available, nor do they cover every Breed. One can get some very intensive Test done (which cost more) that go back farther than the number of generations that Wisdom does. Be sure that any test you select, meets the requirements for your Breed of Dog, and how far back you would like to see the Blood Line documented.

Also, cost may be an issue. Wisdom generally retails for about $70, but, if one looks around, it can be had for less when on sale. Got mine for $50. A good search phrase would be “canine dna test kits”.

When they get the analysis done, Wisdom gives you an Ancestry Certification Certificate. which looks like this...

Metaphorically speaking:
Lineage (the Paper Trail) tells you of the Trunk and its Branches.
DNA tells you if the Leaves are all the same color.

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