What breed do you think? I know black lab but with what?

I adopted Titan 3 months ago. He is now 7 months old and a sweety. Im just curious for others opinions as to what he may be. The vet said possibly Black Lab w/ Greyhound but isnt sure. He was 35 pounds at 4 months of age and has put on a lot more weight since then. What do you think?

Asked by Member 1110751 on May 14th 2012 Tagged blacklabmixedbreedgreyhound in Mixed Breeds
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Bruno CGC

Well, I think Greyhound is very unlikely. The only Greyhounds I see are ex-racers, they are always sterilized before adoption, so not running around making puppies. I think most "Greyhound mixes" are actually mixes of other tall, slender breeds. Also, his bone/muscle structure is nothing like a Greyhound.

From your pics posted, it looks like Titan has a light-colored undercoat (but it could be a trick of the light.) That and his bone structure/ear set have me thinking Siberian Husky, actually.

His very short, sleek coat has me thinking a bully breed (like a Pit Bull) or Hound (like a Beagle).

You could always try one of the DNA breed tests- they may not be completely accurate, but it might be fun to see what it comes up with.

Bruno CGC answered on 5/15/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer