What are those odd, ugly rough spots some dogs have on their elbows? Just wondering....

I have seen several dogs with these ugly, rough spots, but don't know why there are there. What cause them? Yella has them on both his elbows. They don't seem to bother dogs at all, I just wanna know what causes them and why they are there.

Asked by Member 258506 on Nov 11th 2007 Tagged uglyspots, health, seniordogs in Health & Wellness
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Riley is correct - they are calluses.

Elbow calluses are very common in dogs, especially in short-haired large breeds such as Labradors. They are usually caused by laying on hard ground for long periods of time, such as sleeping on tile, concrete, or linoleum. But they can also appear in dogs that sleep on carpeting.

Calluses are generally nothing to worry about, but should be checked every so often - like when you're grooming your dog - because they can become infected. If they are red or Yella is acting like it hurts to have the callus touched, it's time to get it checked out.

Abby answered on Nov 11th.

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My dogs have them too. They are calluses; the vet said they are harmless and that it is generally caused by the surface they lay on. If they lay on a rough surface they are usually more noticeable. My dogs are almost always inside where everything is relatively soft, but they still have them. I have noticed that the older the dogs get the more noticable those spots become.

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