What are these black bugs on my dog?!!

My dog has been itching/scratching and chewing on his legs. He is on Revolution(skin application) and Sentinal(oral). This morning I noticed tiny black specs, I assumed was dirt. Then after looking harder, I thought it was some insect feces? Then they moved! Over 100 of them! Smaller than the ball point on an ink pen! Seem to have a hard shell and blood or brownish red liquid come out when popped. Tried to take a picture, my camera doesn't zoom in that close! I have a ziploc bag with some of the bugs in them. They look just like Poppy Seeds!!!! Only move!!! I have searched the internet for more than 2 hours without success! Seems all the answers to this bug is "It's a Tick". This is not a tick, nor a flea, not a bedbug, not the mainge mite, red bug, clover mite....etc.!! It moves slowly, does not jump, black and no legs visiable to the naked eye. Out of all the bugs I found on my dogs bedding, half were dead and half alive. Please advise and/or identify. Thank You

Asked by Spaz on Jul 17th 2010 Tagged tinyblackbugs, itchy, chewing, skin, bedding in Other Health & Wellness
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there is a black deer nymph tick, it is very micro and has tiny legs like a crab. I only seen one last year.
If it is not that then it is a larva of a flea that is only partially developed because of the flea prevention meds you put on. Let me see if I can find the tick link I found for the black deer nymph tick.
there is also dog lice.

Lice also have the larva stage to them also.
The lice eggs can be pulled out and burned.
Or if you can wrap them tightly in a baggie and put them out in the garbage can.

Dieta answered on Jul 17th.

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Ok, sorry this is not an answer. I just am new and did not know where else to post this but I have two bulldogs (english and boxer) they are inside dogs who get treated monthly for flea/ticks and who get bathed regularly. We do not have fleas and though they occasionally still will bring a tick in we immediately remove. These dogs are never out for extended periods of time and usually walked on a leash. Anyhow, the other day they got out and ran away for a few hours, they came back muddy (we live near creek) I immediately bathed them, my male boxer has ear issues so I clean his ears 1-2x month, and had just done this last week and saw nothing. Anyhow, after washing thoroughly they were clean and fresh and fine. It has been two days and my dogs are itchy and just uncomfortable, shaking their heads, cleaning their legs like crazy. I went to looking and theyhave these tiny almost not visible black bugs on them in their ears and on their paws. Not ticks and not fleas, there is a ton ! HELP

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