WHat are Texas' laws about apartments and service animals?

I will be getting a service dog for my mental health needs next week. I am also aware that the apartment management may ask for some sort of documenentation from a professional. My boyfriend that I been living with for the past year is all for me having a service dog because it means things can slowly go back to normal for us. We can invite people over again or hang out at their places again. I live in Texas and I know what the ADA says. Aside from me having PTSD I also have High Functioning Autism so it has made my life very difficult lately. I know in my lease it is written that no pets are allowed but service animals are permitted.

Asked by Member 1117159 on Jun 30th 2012 in Other Laws & Legislation
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For the best answer to your question I suggest you post this in the Service Dog Forum on the main forums. There are folks there that can provide you with links, & answer in a dialogue with you. They are highly knowledgable & offer great info.
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