What are some tips to brushing my dogs teeth if he doesn't like the fingerbrush or the toothbrush

My dog is a Jack Russell terrier and he's always hyper and wanting to eat anything so it's really hard to brush his teeth.

Asked by Buzz on Nov 16th 2011 Tagged jackrussellterrier, brushingteeth in Dental Care
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I NEVER brush my dogs' teeth. They get raw meaty bones once every couple of weeks. This is nature's cleaning. Both my guys have excellent teeth. Not even one speck of tartar on the 7 year old. The bone will clean his teeth, give him something appropriate to chew/eat & occupy his mind/time while he chews it.

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I think I saw your cute dog is 3 years old,
I had problems with my two dogs and decided to make a game with it just 2-3 mins a say introducing them to the products, after a few weeks I was able to use the small finger brush on them.
Now my eldest Dog Chase is 11 and he never once had an issue with his teeth and enjoyed the greenies "new ones" Not the old ones"
His teeth were fine untill out of the blue one evening I noticed bad breath and swelling below his eye, I rushed him the ER and they diagnosed an abcess. His primary very had to pull 9 teeth one was a carnsial, he was under sedation for 3 hours, made through just fine.
I was advised by a vet of dentistry and my primary that the larger meaty bones actually crack a dogs teeth over time, so watch for that as it sneaks up on you, I don't give my dogs bones any longer, also beware of dentle rinses which contain ZYLOTOL a sugar substitue toxic to dogs. Best of luck

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I use poultry-flavored enzymatic toothbrush. She thinks it's so friggin' delicious that I have to get the brushing done before she's licked all the paste off the brush. It's Enzadent. Huge fan!

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I have two puppies at home, and they're kind of the same way. They like to chew their toothbrushes, but an important part of doing anything with your dog is to make sure they know that you're in charge. So, if he tries to bite his toothbrush, just pull it away gently and let him know it's not acceptable. One way to help your dog become more comfortable with BRUSHING his teeth is to handle his mouth a lot. Whenever you get some quiet time with him, get him used to having his mouth and muzzle area handled (inside and outside). If this doesn't help, you can ask your vet if they have any ideas.

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