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What Age is Appropriate for a large breed to start Agility Training?

I have an 11 week old Utonagan (GS,Malamute,Husky mix )I'd love to start Agility with but wonder what age I should start her Agility Training , I was told that 2 years is a good time to start with large breeds , is this true ?

Any help or tips would help , Thank you.

Asked by •Atka Konia• on Aug 22nd 2011 Tagged agilityagelargebreed in Agility & Sports
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Anytime after 8 weeks is fine. Make sure your dog knows basic obedience training such as sit, down, stay, heel, etc., before starting him in agility. This will make it much easier when training him to do agility because he'll know basic obedience commands they often use in agility.

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Two years is the absolute soonest you want to start her doing full jumps in agility with a large breed dog. Any sooner and you run serious risk of causing permanent joint and bone issues.
Most agility classes start with basic obedience and foundation work. The dog learns how to watch you and follow your direction and you learn how to lead her in the most efficent manner thru the course. You learn how to direct your dog and how to stay out of her way, not easy!!!
From these classes you would progress to things like tunnels, chutes, table work, and other equipment which does not require jumping.
Your best bet at this time is to contact an agility club or training facility near by and find out what, if any, their starting requirements are.
In our area your dog must have attended a basic obedience class and know basic commands like sit, down, stay, etc., prior to starting actual agility training. It is more of a knowledge requirement than an age one around here.

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I agree with Toto.

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