What Age do dogs typically go into heat?

Sasha is going to be spayed in a little over 2 weeks. We aren't sure of her age so we are doing it now (plus spay agreement runs out at the end of June) She may already be near 6 months, she may be younger. No real way to know. We went ahead and decided to go ahead and get it done now, so we wouldn't run any risks. But how old are dogs when they usually go into thier first heat? Just wanted to know. All my dogs have always been fixed right at 6 months.

Asked by Member 570392 on May 16th 2008 in Spaying & Neutering
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Fun On The Run Kennel Racing

It can be anywhere between 5 months and two years. Generals mother Squirrel came into heat at 1 1/2 years and General came at about 7 months I believe.

Fun On The Run Kennel Racing answered on May 16th.

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Typically around 6 months. Sometimes 5 months, 7 months, 8 months, 9 get the picture. It can be as late at 1 (in some cases maybe 2) years, and the earliest that I've ever heard of it happening is 5 months.

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