We've. Recently bought a 12 week old minature schnauzer pup. The problem is he's so quiet and lifeless. Is he ok?

He shakes a lot and seems scared. Just sits there and doesn't get up to walk. He was bought from a litter of pups with the appropriate papers and I don't believe he was ever abused. Will he spring into life? Is this just a temporary thing? Please help Thankyou

Asked by Member 1147312 on Dec 30th 2012 in Bringing Your Pet Home
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You don't say how long this has been going on. It is not normal puppy behaviour. They should be curious & exploring their world. A vet visit is in order. Has she had her shots? When? De-wormed?
How do you approach? Swooping in with excited "hey pup!" or a slow calm, puppy level greeting?
How's his appetite? Eating? Drinking? Eliminating?
More info is needed to even hazard a guess at what's happening.

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Everything Wiley said, plus, FYI, papers are no guarantee of quality nor of a reputable breeder. They can be compared to registering a car. Just because it's registered doesn't mean it runs!
How did he act within the litter prior to you bringing him home? How about the rest of the litter, were they normally active and playful and alert?
While some nervousness is normal, remember he just left the only life he's ever known and everything is strange to him, complete shutdown and failure to respond to anything CAN BE normal within the first few hours in a new home, but after that time, he should begin to relax and be a normal, active, alert, and playful baby, at least within 24 hours.
Does he have a current (within the last week to 10 days) health certificate? And, how long ago did he receive his last vaccine? If he is still acting this way tomorrow I would certainly get him into your vet for a check up!!

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