We've just gotten our 1st rat terrier pup. He likes to climb onto our shoulders and sleep there. Is this a breed trait??

Asked by Dickens on Sep 30th 2008 in Rat Terrier
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Rat terriers are the best ! our hercules is the smartest and most affectionate dog we have ever had. very loving, and has a strong want to please. wants to be close at all times, but is still independent. he is small, but mighty, he is a fierce protector of his family, and loves to play ball. sweetest boy ever, he was so small when he came to us, his mother had died after birth and he was bottle fed until i got him, he wanted to be in the warmest spot on us, which seemed to be our neck, or nuzzled in our arms, they crave companionship, as do most dogs. enjoy it. good luck to you, hope you have lots of fun with him. i do agree with the other answer that it is a small dog trait, my grandmas chi chi wants to sleep on her shoulder.

hercules answered on Oct 1st.

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No, it's a small dog trait. Toy breeds often want to lay on your lap because they can, and are allowed. Any puppy, regardless of size, will want to do this, for the most part, but typically we don't let large breeds on our laps as they will soon grown to be nearly our size, so people don't see this as something that they do. My Chihuahuas sleep in my neck sometimes, and have to be touching me when they are laying next to me. Toy breeds tend to have that trait because people can carry them places, they can sleep in bed and not be bothersome, so they are more 'humanized' than larger breeds are. It is okay for him to climb up on your shoulder, but only when you say. Make sure that you are teaching him at an early age that you are boss, not him, and if you don't want him up there, he doesn't get to be there. Teaching him how to be submissive is much easier when they are puppies than when they are adults. Good luck with your new pup - he's adorable! Please msg me if you ever have ?s

Sergeant answered on 9/30/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer