We rescued a 2 year old weim that was fed a low dog food. We tried feeding her a high end food which hasnt agreed. Sugg?

Her poops have been either diarhea or soft serve on lamb wellness, salmon natural balance....we are disheartned. We don't want to put her back on Ol Roy, or Science Diet by we have to harden her poops back, she has been checked for worms andhas been cleared by our vet, HELP! We are also giving her a tblspoon of yougurt

Asked by Bella on May 11th 2011 Tagged food in Food & Nutrition
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Make sure you are not feeding her too much of the higher end food. Normally a dog requires almost HALF the amount of those foods compared to the ones with all the fillers due to the amount of digestable nutrients being so much higher.
My guys eat blue buffalo and my labs went from eating 4 - 5 cups a day to less than two cups a day and still maintain a healthy weight, if fact, some of them were gaining weight on that amount. When I feed them more than that they also get soup or soft serve stools.

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We had a weim several years ago that we were fostering and he had the same problem. I had him checked out for everything, changed his diet several times and I am sorry to say that nothing really helped. We finally attributed it to a nervous stomach. We would notice that if he was left alone for long periods it was worse. I was told by our vet that this breed sometimes has pancake-like poop especially if there is a change in their environment. I know how upsetting this is - we use a pooper scoop and it is almost impossible to remove it all. Before we re-homed him we were trying pumpkin. I was told that the fiber in the pumpkin would actually regulate the bowels. We told the people that adopted him and were given regular reports on his transition to his new home. I am assuming things did get better as they love their weim. Try the pumpkin. You can give it to her right out of the can or I would make pumpkin doggie cookies.

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We don't like Natural balance here. And really I haven't ever tried Wellness lamb. But, I have tried their cans.
I would say if you have had her for a while now and nothing is working. It just might not be the food for her.
I don't also know alot about your breed, my neighbors have two. But, I never see their bags of food so I don't know.
I would say since those two names perhaps have grains is to go to a No Grain food. I did just start Evo Red meat, it is a no grain and we are doing great with stools now. Best in a long time, so you might want to switch her over at 50/50 and see what happens on a no grain. Everytime I do grainy foods i have same issue and worse. But, of course, it is more $$.
I would say don't do yogurt.It is still a dairy product and some dogs tummy's go nutty on that.
good luck

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Try mixing the old food with the new food; then slowly ween her off the old food over several weeks. If the diarrhea keeps coming back you can always start mixing in the old food again. You can also try giving her some charcoal treats to help clear up the diarrhea. Cooked plain rice with also help. I personally have used PETfection Happy Tummy Treats and they helped a lot with intestinal & stomach upsets. They are natural treats; check them out on for more info and to see if you want to try them out. Poor Bella, best of luck!!

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Sometimes the food like wellness is just to rich for the dog. You may want to switch to something else that is in between the wellness and the SD.

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My dog, Captain, has a super sensitive stomach. So sensitive that in his early puppy years he had so much diarrhea that he was actually malnourished from eating kibble. I tried pumpkin, home cooking, yogurt, probiotics, antibiotics and "sensitive stomach" kibbles like California Natural. They all worked for a few days (if any) then we were right back to where we started. The ONLY solution I was able to find was Prey Model Raw. I have tweaked his diet to be a bit higher than the suggested bone % to keep his stools firm and I cannot feed much of a variety but its the only solution. After switching over 2 years ago, he has been so much more healthy and only has diarrhea if I mess up somehow (buy a wrong brand of chicken, add in a protein source that does not agree with him, not enough bone, etc.) I pet sat for a Weim that ate Canidae and always had loose very large stools. If all else fails, its worth a try!

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She is probably allergic to grains. I highly recommend feeding a grain free dog food such as -

Solid Gold Barking At The Moon
Solid Gold Sun Dancer
Primal Pet Foods

I feed Orijen and a prey model raw diet to my dogs. Have you tried feeding a raw diet to your dog?

If interested in feeding a raw diet, check out the Raw Food Diet Forum on Dogster -

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