We just got a 6 month old Blue heeler/lab. She is so full of energy. Do we need to take her outside to run every 1-2 hr

We have never had a blueheeler/lab puppy. She sniffs everywhere in our house and seems to love her chew toys and a stuffed little bear we have.
Do we need to excerise her alot during the day ?? Also, the former owners had her on dog food ? I think she be on puppy chow.

Asked by Member 1147472 on Dec 31st 2012 Tagged blueheelermix, excerise in Behavior & Training
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If she is showing signs of boredom (whining, pacing, barking excessively, etc) then yes she needs more exercise. I have had several lab mixes, and in my experience they need plenty of opportunities to move and play and use their brains. They maintain "puppyhood" for a long time. It's more about quality than quantity though. Add teaching commands to your walks, and go different places for different smells, or take her to a dog park so she can socialize! Good luck! As for the food, ask your vet if you're not sure, but from my experience at 6 months she will probably do fine on either.

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