We have recently adopted a pit bull greyhound mix and everytime someone comes home she jumps and grabs us (bite, whines)

we have recently adopted my sons pit bull/ grey hound mix.Every time we come home or enter a room after being gone for a period of time she goes nuts, jumping and biteing at us. she is two years old and has been doing this since a puppy. she will grab whatever she can whether a shirt tail or sleeve and whine and pull for about 5 minutes until she calms down...if she chomps on your wrist it can be rather hard. otherwise she is very affectionate and loving. we have two other dogs in the home whom she is very submissive with and has done this prior to coming to our home, so we dont feel it is the other seems to be anxiety to me, but i could be wrong...i have tried many things to no avail. HELP!!!! I am bruised all over from her.........

Asked by Member 660497 on Jul 24th 2008 Tagged whinnng, biteing, grabbing in Separation Anxiety
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Jiggs  CGC

Your dog probably has been doing this since she was a puppy and it's her way of greeting you. Try yelping really LOUD and in a high voice like another dog would when she grabs you (Yi-Yi-Yi). When she stops biting praise her and tell her what a good dog she is. It may sound weird but if she realizes she's hurting you she should stop. It's very possible your dog was taken from her mom and siblings too young and she didn't learn social behaviors that are learned between 5-8 weeks. If possible when she jumps on you fold your arms and stand very still completely ignoring her and praise when she stops, dogs don't differentiate between negative and positive reinforcement and if you tell her down or no and push her away, this is a negative reinforcement which gives her attention, exactly what she wants. Good Luck.

Jiggs CGC answered on 7/24/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I learned from a puppy training class how to handle this. Everytime your dog bites you (on the hand, your clothes, etc.) yell really loud "OUCH!!!!". It might startle your dog and sooner or later get the idea that he/she is hurting you. Most dogs are doing this because they want to play, and she doesn't really mean to hurt you. If she gets the idea that she's hurting you, then she'll try to be more gentle. Make sure you yelling is firm and quick, don't stretch out the 'OUCH' by saying "OUUUUCCCCHH!!!". Quick and firm commands give your dog the right message--that she's hurting you. He/she is probably still teething a little, so make sure that when she bites you, have a toy nearby to stick in her mouth so that she learns she should grab toys to chew on instead of people. My dog once made me bleed from a bite, but he eventually started biting me less when I stuck his favorite toys in his mouth instead.

Best of luck!
- xo puppylover1215

Member 660929 answered on 7/24/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Gray Dawn Treader

Sounds like she's excited to see you. Yelp when she bites and start ignoring her. She's doing it for attention, and by ignoring her you are defeating the purpose of her doing it in the first place.

Gray Dawn Treader answered on 7/25/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Alize too is a pit greyhound mix. She too jumps and bite anytime someone comes in. our technique slows her but doesn't fix it. when we come in we put our knee up as though u were gonna step on something tall. this makes only your knee take the abuse. We also comand off everytime. so if u want the dog to get off the bed say off and push it off. then the dog learned that off mean get on the floor. and when u say off the dog will learn to get off you and onto the floor. sometimes she gets excited and forgets but at least saves u from getting hurt. our dog has separation anxiety disorder. we have to create her she shreds furniture. she has bent several steal creates and ate several plastic crates. be greatful its just jumping. good luck...Lori &alize

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