We have been trying to diagnose my dogs health problem

About 5 weeks ago my Blue Merle Great Dane, 4 yrs old went out to potty on my front lawn, sniffed the grass and went into a reverse sneezing attack and clear runny nose for several minutes. The lawn mower service had just mowed the lawn. Considering that they do not mow in my neighborhood exclusively I wondered if they could have dropped something off their blades that gave my dog that reaction. A little while later I found him in his crate (he barely uses his crate unless he did something he was afraid of getting trouble for, thought I was gonna do something horrific to him like trim his nails, or if he isn't feeling well). He was laying with his neck extended, nose facing upward. His third lid was almost all the way up, and his head muscles were so contracted his head was Rock hard.

I rushed him to my vet who treated him conservatively as a neck injury...possibly from the reverse sneezing attack. She gave him pain meds and an anti inflammatory. I will continue on following post.....

Asked by Blue on Sep 6th 2013 in Health & Wellness
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