We have an 11yr Golden retriever that is having hipe problems and he has trouble getting up, staying up but not in pain

Is there a shelter we can take him to that will not kill him??????

Asked by Member 1137015 on Oct 22nd 2012 in Adoption & Rescue
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I may be misunderstanding this, but you have had this dog 11 years and now you want to give him up because he is old and lame???? I cannot imagine that!!
No one is going to adopt an older dog who has hip issues, the most humane and caring thing you can do is, FIRST OF ALL, take this dog to your vet and get him put on some pain meds and arthritis drugs. IF he wasn't in pain, he would not have issues getting up.
If you won't do that then the very least you can do is have him euthanized rather than make him suffer even more sitting in a kennel somewhere with hundreds of other dogs when he has no hope of finding a new, kinder home.
Dogs are not just disposable objects which you pass on when they outgrow their usefullness. Most people make a comittment to their dog for life, not just until they slow down. It is not fair at all to make this poor old guy suffer like this!

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Are you fliiping INSANE??? Troll?? Or Just woefully ignorant of the concept of "lifetime committment?" Get the dog painkillers & live up to your end of the deal you made when you got this beautiful animal!! Honestly..this just leaves me gobsmacked!!! How would you like to be abandoned simply beacause you were showing signs of age??!!

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Short answer: No, there isn't a shelter who will keep a geriatric dog with chronic pain. He will almost certainly be euthanized the moment you walk out.

Long answer: You should be ashamed for asking. If he's having trouble getting up and staying up, he's in pain. Get the dog some medical care and help him feel better or have him humanely put down, but don't pass your responsibility on to someone else. He's been your friend for 11 years for Pete's sake!
Have a little mercy.

Member 816429 answered on 10/22/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 4 Report this answer

Dr. Watson

First, what big brain on you says that he is not in pain? Of course he is in pain, that is why he has trouble getting up and staying up. Get him to the vet pronto, before he suffers any more, so he can have some anti-inflammatory and painkilling medications.

Second, of course a shelter is not going to take him and not kill him. There's no room for him, no one's going to adopt a dog that old, and he would be miserable. This dog probably loves you and doesn't realize how hard-hearted you are. It's your job to take care of him for all of his lifetime, you already signed on for this. If you can't care for him, have him humanely euthanized.

Last, you should be ashamed of yourself for treating a lifelong loyal companion this way. Hope karma bites you back when you are old!

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Harper Lee

I work in a shelter. They WILL kill your dog. I could not agree more with the other posters. This is your dog! Why would you want to give him up just because he needs some pain meds? My golden has hip problems too. We just give her a pill when it's acting up and she's off chasing sticks an hour later. No biggie. Please don't take the dog to a shelter or euthanize it over this. If you really won't take care of it, call some Golden Retriever rescue groups. Usually they can help.

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