We have a 6 month old GSD male and I was wondering, at this age is 18 kg underweight?

I feed him on a domed cup-full of Orijen large puppy twice daily.

With two 40 - 60 minute walks a day.

Asked by Bruce on Mar 21st 2012 Tagged food, weight, gsd, age in Food & Nutrition
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He looks great in his profile pics. Squ'mey was 26 kg at 5 months..but he is long & tall. It is better on his joints to be on the lean side. He has probably just finished, or is still teething, so once his adult teeth are set you will see a growth spurt. If you worry, check with your vet. He is a cutie pie :)

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They should be 21.77kg.


Member 1088045 answered on 3/24/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer