urinating problem please help!

ok so i have 3 indoor dogs a female shih tzu cross Maltese who is 10, a male poodle cross Maltese who is 8 and a female chuchuwa cross Maltese who is 6.
At first we thought it was just the youngest who was peeing all over the place in one particular room (some thing we have struggled with her since we got her at 2 months) but we cant be completely sure it is only her who is doing it.
we have tried covering the floor with vinegar and deep cleaning the carpets to get rid of the smell in hopes it will stop her but either that is not getting rid of the smell or she is still doing it. we have only caught her a couple of times in the act and she is the only one we have ever caught doing it witch is the main reason we think she is the one responsible.

any tips would be much appreciated!! and if there is any information i have left out please just ask i need to sort this problem out once and for all!

Asked by Member 1139979 on Nov 9th 2012 Tagged training, carpet, urination, pack in House Soiling
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